Current Team and Supporters

Kathleen Griffin

Artist. Full portfolio at

Joel Silverstein

Executive Director, overseeing administration and media. Silverstein is founder of YBNY.COM.

Charles P Connelly Jr.

Project Executive, overseeing all fieldwork and planning.


Fiscal Sponsor – New York Foundation on the Arts is a public foundation established by New York State Council on the Arts with a broad purpose to develop the arts inside New York as well as nationally and internationally. NYFA is the gold standard of arts foundations.


The New York branch of the AIA is a project partner and supporter

SkyScraper Building Company

Over the last 35 years has managed some of the most complex and technologically challenging projects with great success and uniformly satisfied clients.

SkyScraper Steel Corp

Oversight of structural steel fabrication, erection and installation. SkyScraper specializes in bringing excellence and confidence to the most challenging and demanding erection projects.

Weidlinger Associates, Inc

Structural drawings and planning – For more than half a century, Weidlinger Associates has been known for its professionalism, innovative solutions, and diversified practice. As a leading structural engineering and applied mechanics consultant, they design and rehabilitate buildings, bridges, and infrastructure and develop advanced analysis software.

  • Cheng Gu PhD, P
  • Tian- Fang Jing, PE
  • Marcy Stanley,  Hon. AIA

Tami Hausman, Hausman LLC

Publicity and Networking Guru – Tami and her team work at all levels to connect this piece to a larger audience and give it the profile it needs.

Mark Derho (dba) Tech Savvy NYC

Web and social media online content hero.


Design and Fabrication – Working directly with Kathleen, Humankind, led by Kate Kaman and Joel Erland ,will be overseeing and completing butterfly construction on all levels.

Linna M. Hunt, R.A.

Linna Hunt is serving as the project’s architect, and is principle of Hunt Architects in New York City.

Kiara Vesely

Project Photographer

Samuel Langkop

Design Consultant and Model Maker – Samuel has skillfully handcrafted scale models for the project. In addition to model making, he has assisted in the design of architectural elements as well as the procurement and oversight of digital works.

Jason Hogue

Web Design and hosting

Ryan Manning

3-D Renderings and 3D videos

Jay Saunders

Printer – Assisting Kathleen in the execution and printing of the limited edition proint series that go with the project.

Cooper Paulson

Educational Outreach

Erica Wilder

Community Relations Specialist for Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation – Assisting in the development of a large scale Educational Outreach component to the Project.